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SB 493 (Jackson): Title IX: Gender Equity in Higher Education
Requires institutions of higher education to implement policies and processes to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and violence, including notice and posting requirements and transparent procedures for investigating complaints to ensure a fair and equitable process for all parties.

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SB 1399 (Durazo): The Garment Worker Protection Act
Expands wage theft liability in the garment manufacturing industry, ensuring that retailers cannot use layers of contracting to avoid responsibility under the law.


AB 1927 (Boerner Horvath): The Sexual Assault Victims Amnesty
Encourages reporting of sexual assault by granting immunity to victims or witnesses that may have been involved in unlawful possession or consumption of drugs or alcohol during the offense.


ACA 5 (Weber): The California Act for Economic Prosperity
Prevents continued discrimination against women and people of color by allowing gender, racial and ethnic diversity to be considered as one of many factors in public employment, public contracting, and public education. This measure removes Article I, Section 31 from the California Constitution through the ballot process, allowing California voters the opportunity to express their views.

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