Budget & Policy

Our budget and legislative priorities are policies that we, as a caucus, have chosen according to their importance and imperativeness in improving the lives of women and their families. Our budget priorities are outlined each year in a letter to the governor, which you may review below. The full caucus membership votes on the bills on our priority legislation list, and which are review and select each spring within our 6 policy pillars: Workplace and Economic Equity, Childcare and Education Equity, Gender Violence and Public Safety, Poverty, Healthcare and Health Equity, and Vulnerable Communities.

Budget Priorities

April 2023 Request Letter to Governor Newsom
Winter 2023 Childcare Priorities Letter

Watch LWC Chair Nancy Skinner present AB 116, the childcare budget trailer bill

2023 Priority Legislation

Workplace and Economic Equity

AB 372 (Nguyen) - Affordable Childcare for Building Trades Apprentices
SB 686 (Durazo) - Domestic Worker Occupational Safety and Health

Childcare and Education Equity

AB 51 (Bonta) - Child Care Stabilization Act
SB 380/AB 596 (Limón/Reyes) - Child Care Rate Reform and Suspension of Family Fees - ENACTED in 2023-24 Budget

Gender Violence and Public Safety

AB 419 (Bauer-Kahan) - Training for Judges on Sexual Assault - HELD in committee
SB 599 (Caballero) - Safe and Secure Non-Custodial Parent Visitation


AB 937 (McKinnor) - Dependency: Family Reunification
AB 1015 (Calderon) - Diaper & Wipe Distribution Program

Healthcare and Health Equity

AB 246 (Papan) - PFAS in Menstrual Products
SB 260 (Menjivar) - Menstrual Equity Act of 2023 - HELD in committee

Vulnerable Communities

AB 760 (Wilson) - CSU/UC Affirmed Name and Gender Identity - SIGNED by Governor
SB 589 (Alvarado-Gil) - Foster Care Disaster Relief - HELD in committee

Priorities in Past Years