Budget & Policy

Budget Priorities

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Priority Legislation

Workplace and Economic Equity

AB 372 (Nguyen) - Affordable Childcare for Building Trades Apprentices
SB 686 (Durazo) - Domestic Worker Occupational Safety and Health

Childcare and Education Equity

AB 51 (Bonta) - Child Care Stabilization Act
SB 380/AB 596 (Limón/Reyes) - Child Care Rate Reform and Suspension of Family Fees

Gender Violence and Public Safety

AB 419 (Bauer-Kahan) - Training for Judges on Sexual Assault
SB 599 (Caballero) - Safe and Secure Non-Custodial Parent Visitation


AB 937 (McKinnor) - Dependency: Family Reunification
AB 1015 (Calderon) - Diaper & Wipe Distribution Program

Healthcare and Health Equity

AB 246 (Papan) - PFAS in Menstrual Products
SB 260 (Menjivar) - Menstrual Equity Act of 2023

Vulnerable Communities

AB 760 (Wilson) - CSU/UC Affirmed Name and Gender Identity
SB 589 (Alvarado-Gil) - Foster Care Disaster Relief