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California and the XIX Amendment

California and the 19th Amendment


Suffragists in California


California Women Suffrage Centennial


XIX Amendment Resources & Online Exhibits 

National Parks Service - The 19th Amendment: 100 Years


The 2020 Women’s Vote Centennial Initiative


Women’s Vote Centennial


“Rightfully Hers” American Women and the Vote, National Archives  | (online exhibit)


Women’s Network Suffrage Amendment State History - National Conference of State Legislatures


The Nineteenth Amendment, 1920 – National Museum of American History


Shall Not Be Denied: Women Fight for the Vote - Library of Congress


Crusade for the Vote – National Women’s History Museum (online exhibit)


Child Care

California Budget Center - High Cost of Childcare


Criminal Justice

Center for Gender and Justice



California Department of Health - Women


California Department of Healthcare and Services - Women


Women's Health



Next Generation- Predictable Scheduling
Next Generation: Predictable Scheduling: The Bottom Line of Economic Security, 2014


National Women's Law Center - Fair Work Schedules


Women Employed - Fair Scheduling


Pay Equity

National Partnership - Wage Gap in California


American Association of University Women - Gender Pay Gap


National Partnership - Fair Pay


Women in STEM

American Association of University Women - The Stem Gap

The Smithsonian - Girls and Women in Stem


UNESCO - Women in Science


United States Department of Commerce - Women in STEM: 2017 Update