• Workplace equity issues e.g.: pay, work schedules, paid family leave, paid sick leave, workplace safety, gender discrimination
  • Economic Opportunity or lack of, e.g: training, advancement
  • Underrepresentation e.g.: specific fields/employment categories, public & private sector boards, government elected and non-elected
  • Higher prices on female directed products & services, e.g.: pink tax, pink prices, lack of access to period products, breast feeding/other gender specific accommodation

nurse and female patientHEALTHCARE & HEALTH EQUITY

  • Caregiving services, including support stability and advancement
  • Access to care and health resources, including period products, contraception, and abortion care
  • Maternal and infant care
  • Mental health resources and programs

children and teacher in classroomCHILDCARE & EDUCATION EQUITY

  • Early Care & Education (ECE): Childcare access, cost, funding, licensing
  • ECE Workforce: training, compensation, advancement, qualifications/credentials
  • 4+ Care: T-K, Kindergarten, After school K-12 to Higher Education gender equity issues, e.g.: Gender Discrimination, Title IV, Sexual Harassment, Underrepresentation in STEM, other fields

Woman shopping with childADDRESSING POVERTY

  • Programs/policies to alleviate poverty, e.g.: CalWorks, CalFresh,EITC, child tax credit, basic income
  • Housing Insecurity, Homelessness
  • Food Insecurity Digital Divide

Seated woman leaning against a wallGENDER VIOLENCE & PUBLIC SAFETY

  • Incarcerated Women and Girls
  • Domestic Violence/Coercive Control
  • Sexual Assault/Harassment
  • Human Trafficking
  • Workplace Safety
  • Gun Violence

two seated women with an tabletVULNERABLE COMMUNITIES

  • Foster Youth
  • Immigrants
  • Aging/Seniors
  • Disparities particularly impacting Women/Girls of Color
  • Disabled
  • Environmental Justice