2019 Budget & Policy



AB 378 (Limón): Building a Better Early Care and Education Act

Gives child care providers the right to collectively bargain with the State of California and to advocate for the children and families they serve.


SB 135 (Jackson): Family Leave for a 21st Century California

Ensures that nearly all Californians who pay into the state's Paid Family Leave (PFL) program can use it without fear of job loss; that more newborns can receive individual, at-home care for their first six months of life; and ensure that California's leave laws reflect the state's diverse, intergenerational family and caregiving needs.

AB 24 (Burke): Targeted Child Tax Credit

Enacts the Targeted Child Tax Credit which would provide increased support for California families living in poverty.

AB 196 (Gonzalez): 100% Paid Family Leave

Ensures workers utilizing the state's Paid Family Leave (PFL) program can receive 100 percent wage replacement during the period of their leave.


SB 174 (Leyva): The Child Care Stabilization Formula

Addresses ongoing problems with the bifurcated rates within the Early Care and Education (ECE) system by establihsing a single regionalized reimbursement rate system for child care, preschool and early learning services.

SB 321 (Mitchell): Strong Start for CalWORKs Families

Aligns CalWORKs State 1 child care rules with all other subsidized child care programs in California, including Stages 2 and 3.

AB 324 (Aguiar-Curry): Child Care Professional Development Act

Creates guideline for an Early Care and Education (ECE) professional development and retention system to strengthen, recruit, and retain the ECE workforce.


SB 464 (Mitchell): Dignity in Pregnancy and Birth Act

Recognizes and addresses clear inequities in pregnancy and birth outcomes for black women and children by requiring implicit bias training for all perinatal providers in hospitals and birthing clinics; also requires data collection by the Department of Public Health.

AB 31 (Garcia): No Tax on Tampons

Repeals the sales tax on menstrual products.

AB 577 (Eggman): Medi-Cal Maternal Mental Health

Extends Medi-Cal postpartum care from 60 days to one year for women diagnosed with a maternal mental health disorder, ensuring no gap in coverage and maintaining continuity of care.


SB 611 (Caballero): Master Plan Housing Older Persons Effectively (HOPE) Task Force

Calls on the Governor's Office to establish the Master Plan for Aging's Housing Older Persons Effectively (HOPE) Task Force.

AB 629 (Smith): Human Trafficking: Victim Compensation Program

Creates parituy within the California Victim Compensation Program for victims of human trafficking by allowing them to receive compensation for their direct economic losses.