2015 Stronger California


The Mission:

Working with advocates, the Legislative Women's Caucus is supporting/driving policy agenda this session that lifts women and children out of poverty, ensures fair pay and family-friendly workplaces, and expands quality childcare access.

Included in this agenda are proposals to preserve and increase basic needs supports for women and families, closing the gender wage gap by strengthening California's pay laws, increasing income for working women and their families, expanding access to high quality, affordable childcare, and encouraging women to enter and advance in non-traditional, high-wage jobs.  All of these proposals will lead to increased financial security for women as they raise their families and into retirement age.

The Pillars:

The Agenda has four pillars that frame the policy initiatives critical to the economic security of women and families in our state.  The pillars and their corresponding primary legislation.

  • Fair Pay and Job Opportunity - Fair Pay Act
    • SB 358 (Jackson)
  • Access to Childcare - $600 million LWC Childcare Budget Request and Raising Child Care Quality and Accessibility Act
    • SB 548 (De Leon/Atkins)
  • Family Friendly Workplaces - Fair Scheduling Act
    • AB 357 (Chiu/Weber)
  • Building Economic Stability by Addressing Poverty - Repeal Maximum Family Grant and increase the state's SSI/SSP grant so that when combined the payment will be 112% of the Federal Poverty Level
    • SB 23 (Mitchell) and AB 474 (Brown/Thurmond)




Legislation further supporting the Pillars

Ensure Fair Pay and Job Opportunities

  • SB 3 - Minimum Wage Increase and Indexing
  • AB 1017 - Pay Equity for Women in the Workplace
  • AB 1354 - Equal Pay for Equal Work Act of 2015
  • AB 305 - Eliminate Gap from Workers' Compensation
  • ACR 50 - Equal Pay Day
  • SB 342 - Earn and Learn Bill
  • AB 743 - Self-Sufficiency through Education and GI Bill Exemption Act of 2015
  • AB 770 - Basic Skills Innovation Strategies for the California Community Colleges

Support Family Friendly Workplaces

  • AB 357 - Fair Scheduling Act
  • AB 908 - Expand Paid Family Leave
  • AB 11 - Extend Paid Sick Leave to All Workers
  • SB 379 - Job Protection for Parents with Child Care Needs
  • SB 406 - California Family Rights Act

Expand Access to Affordable, Quality Early Child

  • SB 548 - Raising Child Care Quality and Accessibility Act
  • AB 188 - Child Care Reimbursement Rates for Alternative Payment Providers
  • AB 233 - Child Care Alternative Payment Programs and Eligibility

Build Economic Security by Addressing Poverty

  • SB 23 - Repeal CalWORKs Maximum Family Grant
  • SB 38/AB 43 - Earned Income Tax Credit
  • AB 1394 - Supplemental Security Benefits
  • SB 521 - Improving Access to CalFresh Employment and Training
  • AB 717 - Sales Tax Exemption for Diapers
  • SB 306 - Work Opportunity and Recession Relief Act of 2015

The Press Conference

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