CA Legislative Women’s Caucus Celebrates Women’s History Month Honoring CA Women Making Herstory

Mar 20, 2023
Robert Gammon,

SACRAMENTO – The California Legislative Women’s Caucus (LWC) today will acknowledge March as Women’s History Month, and celebrate California women from every legislative district for their “herstory” making actions. 

The Caucus’s California Women Making Herstory floor ceremony will honor women selected by each member of the Assembly and Senate, as well as give special recognition to three recordbreakers: Dr. Sonya Christian, newly appointed permanent Chancellor of the California Community College system; Mayor Karen Bass, first woman elected Mayor of Los Angeles; and Secretary Shirley Weber, first African-American woman elected as California’s Secretary of State.

The origins of Women’s History Month can be traced to 1977 when the Sonoma County Commission on the Status of Women launched a Woman’s History Week. The concept caught national attention, and in 1987 Congress officially declared March as Woman’s History Month to recognize the accomplishments of women who have launched innovations in every sector and made significant improvements to every field of American life but whose stories have been often untold or buried. 

Extending this theme, the Legislative Women’s Caucus this year has branded its floor ceremony, “California Women Making Herstory,” giving every member of the Legislature the opportunity to honor a ‘herstory’ maker from their District, as well as to recognize three recent women’s herstory recordbreakers: Chancellor Christian, Mayor Bass and Secretary Weber.

Chancellor Christian is the first woman to be named a permanent Chancellor of California’s statewide Community College system, which serving 1.7 million students, is the largest higher education system in the country. Mayor Bass, the first woman elected Mayor of Los Angeles, won her post by a 10% margin and received the highest number of votes of any mayoral candidate in LA history. Following her initial gubernatorial appointment, Dr. Shirley Weber was elected in November to a full term as California’s first Black woman Secretary of State.

“The Legislative Women’s Caucus is proud to be honoring women from throughout the state who are making substantial contributions to science, technology, commerce, arts, culture and civic life. We are also thrilled to recognize our three ‘herstory’ recordbreakers, Chancellor Christian, Mayor Bass and Secretary Weber, who are constant reminders that when women are in roles that allow them to fully utilize their skills and talents on our behalf, we all benefit.” said LWC Chair, Senator Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley.

“Today, in our Capitol building, we celebrate amazing women from each Assembly and Senate District who are working day in and day out to make their communities and our Golden State better. These women brought their own chair to the decision-making table and for that, we commend them. Their dedication and tenacity has inspired and changed our communities,” said LWC Vice Chair, Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, D-Winters.

Today’s Senate and Assembly floor sessions will commence with the reading and passage of Senate Resolution #2 and House Resolution #17, commemorating Women’s History Month, and will be followed by each member accompanying their California Woman Making Herstory honoree on the floor of their respective chamber to receive a certificate of recognition. 

A list of all the honorees by district follows:

LWC    Sonya Christian, Ph.D.
SD 1     Marjeanne Stone
SD 2     Abby Abinanti
SD 3     Linda Cantey
SD 4     Anamika S. Chand
SD 5     Mana Shooshtari
SD 6     Anne Marie Schubert
SD 7     Janet Frazier
SD 8     La Shelle Dozier
SD 9     Lateefah Simon
SD 10   Rona Popal
SD 11   Mary Y. Jung
SD 12   Lisa A. Smittcamp
SD 13   Belinda Hernandez Arriaga, Ed.D., LCSW
SD 14   Tamara Cobb
SD 15   DeAnna Pursai
SD 16   Lola G. Lerma
SD 17   Celia Moses
SD 18   Martha Zapata
SD 19   Graciela Casillas
SD 20   Maribel Garcia
SD 21   N/A
SD 22   Lizette Salas 
SD 23   Barbara Riordan
SD 24   Maryam S. Zar
SD 25   Mary J. Alvord
SD 26   Evelina Fernández  
SD 27   Iliana Tavera
SD 28   Karen Bass*
SD 29   Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks
SD 30   Mary Su
SD 31   Yolanda Esquivel
SD 32   Bridgette Moore
SD 33   Lucia Veloz
SD 34   Samantha Maria Soto
SD 35   Karen Bass*
SD 36   Mai Huynh
SD 37   Kate Wheeler
SD 38   Jennifer Ianoale
SD 39   Toluwalaṣé (Laṣé) A. Ajayi, MD
SD 40   Bari Landry Vaz
Lieutenant Governor: Ebony Ava Harper

AD 1    Heather Hadwick
AD 2    Jacque Williams
AD 3    N/A
AD 4    Quirina Orozco
AD 5    Laura Didier
AD 6    Dr. Olivia Kasirye
AD 7    Tanya Kravchuk
AD 8    Naomi Tobias
AD 9    Kathryn Siddle
AD 10  Josefina “Josie” Patria
AD 11  Regina Yin
AD 12  Joanna Paun
AD 13  Karen Rickman
AD 14  Michelle Milam
AD 15  Lori Sanson
AD 16  Deanne Pearn
AD 17  Jian Qing Zhang, DNP, MS, FNP-BC, NEA-BC, FAAN
AD 18  Elaine Brown
AD 19  Alicia Boccellari
AD 20  Aisha Knowles
AD 21  Gloria Rhodes Brown
AD 22  Rosalinda Vierra
AD 23  Dr. Belinda Hernandez Arriaga, EdD, LCSW
AD 24  Connie De Grange
AD 25  Tamara Mozahuani Alvarado
AD 26  Anne Kepner
AD 27  Stephanie Dietz
AD 28  Rosemary Chalmers
AD 29  Jennifer Laine
AD 30  Francisca Arroyo Rosales
AD 31  Genoveva Islas
AD 32  Kelly Habroun
AD 33  Honorable Connie Conway
AD 34  Penny Shubnell
AD 35  Esther Manzano
AD 36  Janette Angulo
AD 37  Terri Maus-Nisich
AD 38  Lynn Edmonds
AD 39  Dr. Aleka Jackson-Jarrell
AD 40  Mary MacAdam
AD 41  Dr. Devorah Lieberman
AD 42  Amy Bernstein
AD 43  Sonia Smith Kang
AD 44  Jane Viar
AD 45  Aisha Little
AD 46  Nina Tassler
AD 47  Dr. Andis Almasi
AD 48  Jenica Morin-Pascual
AD 49  Gay Q. Yuen, Ph.D.
AD 50  Annette Chavez
AD 51  Abbe Land
AD 52  María Brenes
AD 53  Diane Smyers
AD 54  Connie Chung Joe, JD
AD 55  Lillian Wilson
AD 56  Grace Wang Caltabiano
AD 57  Sade Elhawary
AD 58  Priscilla Grijalva
AD 59  Lina Tullberg
AD 60  Lizbeth Magallanes
AD 61  Ahmanise Sanati
AD 62  Maria Mendoza
AD 63  Gale Webb
AD 64  Priscila Coronado
AD 65  Supervisor Janice Hahn
AD 66  Colonel Mia Walsh
AD 67  JoAnna Schilling
AD 68  Martha Rivera
AD 69  Zoe Nicholson
AD 70  Dr. Bhikkhuni Elizabeth Vo
AD 71  Janette Chun
AD 72  Noella Passarelli
AD 73  Dr. Shaista Malik
AD 74  Robbie Calderon Hass
AD 75  Cynthia Elizondo
AD 76  Arcela Nuñez-Alvarez
AD 77  Carol Kim
AD 78  Dr. Wilma J. Wooten
AD 79  California Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber, Ph.D.*
AD 80  Josephine S. Talamantez

* Also a 2023 LWC Herstory Recordbreaker