How California Women Fared in the 2012 State Legislative Elections

Nov 25, 2012
Bryn Sullivan

Election Results for Women Candidates

California State Legislature



In California, 11 women left the legislature, due to term limits, congressional runs, or sought not to seek reelection (4 Senate, 7 Assembly).

The result of the 2012 election gives the State Legislature 32 women; 11 Senators and 21 Assemblymembers.  This results in a net loss of 2 seats for the 2013/2014 session.  The Legislature will be comprised of 26% women (down from 28%). 

Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod’s election to Congress will leave a vacancy in the Senate, putting the number of elected women in the 2013 legislative session at 31. 

The number of women in the US Congress increased with the 2012 election.  A record 20 women will serve in the US Senate (4 Republicans, 16 Democrats).  In the House of Representatives, the number of women will also increase including two from the California State Legislature.  Senator Negrete McLeod and Assemblymember Julia Brownley are among the 18 California women representatives who will be joining at least 81 women in Congress (some races are still awaiting final results).

Those below bolded candidates were elected:


(**Indicates Incumbent)


SD 3 (Napa, Solano) 

Lois Wolk (D)**  66.1%

Frank Miranda (R)  33.1%


SD 5 (Stockton, Modesto)

Cathleen Galgiani (D)

Bill Berryhill (R)


SD 9 (Oakland)

Loni Hancock (D)**  85.8%

Mary Catherine McIlroy (R)  14.2%


SD 19 (Santa Barbara)
Hannah-Beth Jackson (D)  54.7%

Mike Stoker (R)  45.3%


SD 25 (Pasadena)
Carol Liu (D)**  60.3%  

Gilbert Gonzales (R)   39.7%


SD 27 (Ventura County)
Fran Pavley (D)**  52.6% 

Todd Zink (R)  47.4%


SD 37 (Orange County)

Mimi Walters (R)** 57.5%

Steve Young (D) 42.5%



(**Indicates Incumbent)


AD 4 (Napa, Yolo, Dixon)
Mariko Yamada (D)**  62.1%

John Munn (R)  37.9%


AD 6 (Roseville, Rocklin, Loomis)

Beth B. Gaines (R)**  69.1%

Andy Pugno (R)  30.9%


AD 12 (Modesto)

Kristin Olsen (R)**  61.4%

Christopher Mateo (D)  38.6%


AD 13 (Stockton)
Susan Talamantes Eggman (D)  63.5%

K. Jeffery Jafri (R)  36.5%


AD 14 (Concord)
Susan Bonilla (D)** 100%


AD 15 (Berkeley)

Nancy Skinner (D)**  86.9%

Eugene Ruyle (PF)  13.1%


AD 16 (Tri-Valley, Livermore, Lafayette)
Joan Buchanan (D)**  58.3%

Al Phillips (R)  41.7%


AD 26 (Tulare County)

Connie Conway (R)**  67.7%

Jonathon Louis Sosa (D)  32.3%


AD 27 (San Jose)
Nora Campos (D)**  76.5%

Roger Lasson (R)  23.5%


AD 34 (Bakersfield)

Shannon Grove (R)** 69.8%

Mari Goodman (D)  30.2%


AD 47 (Rialto)
Cheryl Brown (D)  56.2%

Joe Baca, Jr. (D)  43.8%


AD 52 (Pomona)
Norma Torres (D)**  65.4%

Kenny Coble (R)  34.6%


AD 54 (Culver City)
Holly Mitchell (D)**  83.4%

Keith McCowen (R)  16.6%


AD 58 (Cerritos, Montebello)
Cristina Garcia (D)  71.5%

Patricia Kotze-Ramos (R)  28.5%


AD 65 (Fullerton)
Sharon Quirk-Silva (D)  50.5%

Chris Norby (R)**  49.5%


AD 67(Riverside County)

Melissa Melendez (R)  51.9%

Phil Paule (R)  48.1%


AD 70 (Long Beach)
Bonnie Lowenthal (D)**  65.2%

Martha Florez Gibson (R)  34.8%


AD 73 (South Orange County)

Diane L. Harkey (R)**  64.6%

James Corbett (D) 35.4%


AD 75(Temecula, Escondido)

Marie Waldron (R) 63.5%

Matthew Herold (D) 36.5%


AD 78 (Coastal San Diego)
Toni Atkins (D)**  61.7%

Ralph Denney (R)  38.3%


AD 79 (Bonita, La Mesa)

Dr. Shirley Weber (D)  60.3%

Mary England (R)  39.7%