Evans Comments on Governor’s Revised Budget

May 13, 2010
Anthony Matthews – tel. (916) 319-2007

SACRAMENTO — The governor released his May Revise budget proposals today, relying on large cuts and the elimination of some vital health and human services to close the $19.1 billion budget deficit.  An Assembly Budget Committee analysis of the governor’s May Revise is available at http://www.assembly.ca.gov/budget.  The following is a statement from Assemblymember Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa), Assembly Majority Whip, about the May Revise.

“The governor’s budget will slash and burn vital services and, in the process, destroy millions of lives.  We need less lethal alternatives because his budget will have a body count.  And, after promising not to cut education, this budget shows the governor’s promise was nothing more than lip service.

The severity of our budget crisis is enhanced by the governor’s lack of vision to confront it.  This is a time for new and bold ideas.  But the governor is only thinking about the budget in terms of dollars and cents.  It’s more than that.  Our budget is about the people of California.  It’s a statement of our values and aspirations as Californians.

There is no compassion or shared sacrifice in the governor’s budget.  By pushing for billions in new tax cuts for big business, his message to people in need is ‘you’re on your own.’  This shocking indifference to needy fellow citizens is not what Californians are all about.”