LWC Leaders Send Letter to UC

Women's Caucus leaders send letter to Napolitano regarding recent sexual harrassment allegations at UC Campuses.

The leaders of the California Legislative Women's Caucus sent a letter today to University of California President Janet Napolitano expressing deep concern about recent allegations of sexual harassment at a number of UC campuses, calling the responses from the institutions where the alleged behavior has occured "consistently abysmal."

Women's History Month Kick-off

Real-life 'Rosie the Riveters' honored in Sacramento for Women's History Month

To kick-off Women's History Month in March, the California Legislative Women's Caucus partnered with Governor Jerry Brown's office to host real-life Rosie the Riveters at the State Capitol.

Eight women who worked at the Richmond shiyard during World War II were honored on the Assembly and Senate floors during session.

2016 Budget & Policy Priorities

Last year, the Democratic members of the California Legislative Women's Caucus helped advance the nation's strongest equal pay law for women, positioning California as a leader in the fight to improve the economic lives of women and families.

This year, the Democratic women are back with a package of policy and budget priorities to further advance the lives of women and their families, the structures that support the California workforce and the economic future of the state.

California Implements Fair Pay Act

On the verge of implementation of the strongest equal pay law in the nation, Academy Award-winning actress Patricia Arquette joined Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, Chair of the Legislative Women's Caucus, during a press conference to discuss the California Fair Pay Act that goes into effect January 1, 2016.