Democratic Legislative Women's Caucus Releases Statement Regarding Attorney General

Jan 07, 2021

Dear Governor Gavin Newsom:

On behalf of the Democratic Legislative Women’s Caucus, we write to communicate our unanimous support for the appointment of a woman to be the next Attorney General of California. Specifically, we urge you to consider Senator Anna Caballero, former Senator Martha Escutia, Assemblywoman Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, Assemblywoman Eloise Reyes, and Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton. Each of these accomplished attorneys has championed critical legislation, worked to empower all Californians, and fought to protect the rights of our most vulnerable residents. They stand ready to serve as the state’s chief law enforcement officer and protect and serve the people and interests of California.

Women make up just over half of the population in California, and yet only one woman has served as Attorney General in our state. The fact that women are not proportionately represented in public office indicates the clear need to uplift and intensify our focus on representation. We believe that representation matters, and that government should reflect the people it serves.

The presence and voice of women leaders in the halls of power have changed the conversations that happen in our state and across the nation. They have elevated both the range of policy issues that are considered and the types of solutions that are proposed. As such, it is imperative that we do not take away from the significant gains that women have already made and that we continue to pave a path for women to continue to lead. It is important to acknowledge that women of different cultures, class and ethnic backgrounds have helped to build and strengthen our state and nation. While the historical significance of such an appointment is important to celebrate, the practical reality is that the rise of diverse women to key leadership positions will inspire young women to achieve beyond their dreams.

Each of the women leaders we recommend for appointment has worked tirelessly over her career to address inequities in our society and advance just causes. They are highly qualified and have the experience and background to lead the Department of Justice’s 4,500 employees in defense of our fundamental rights and interests.

To further cement California’s national and global leadership, it is vital that California – the most populous state with the world’s fifth largest economy – selects a strong, wise and forward-looking woman to represent our state as Attorney General.

We respectfully ask for your full and fair consideration of one of our recommended candidates for appointment as the next Attorney General of California.


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