News10/KXTV: Women's Caucus Democrats Announce Comprehensive Bill Package On Women's Economic Issues

Mar 24, 2015

By Gabrielle Karol

California women are earning 84 cents for every dollar earned by a man. Childcare for an infant costs $12,000 annually. And 47 percent of hourly workers find out their schedules one week or less in advance.

Democrats in the California Legislative Women's Caucus say these are some of the most pressing problems facing women in the state – and they're looking to fix them with a comprehensive package of bills.

The effort is called "A Stronger California: Securing Economic Opportunity for All Women." It encompasses more than 20 bills and budget actions, including an effort to increase child care spending by $600 million.

With the recession in the rear-view mirror, Women's Caucus Chair and State Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, says now is the time to invest in these issues.

"We are catching our breath after an economic downturn that took place over several years resulting in Draconian cuts in our budget to assist women and make sure equality of opportunity exists," Jackson said.

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