LA Times: California's Women's Caucus Pitches Bills on Pay Equity, Child Care, Poverty

Mar 24, 2015

By Patrick McGreevy

Democratic members of the California Legislative Women’s Caucus on Tuesday announced a package of legislation aimed at providing pay equity on the job, expanding access to child care, creating family-­friendly workplaces and addressing poverty.

“Women continue to increase our role and our impact on our economy,” Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins (D­ - San Diego) said at a Capitol news conference. “It’s vital we pursue the policies that help ensure opportunity and equality. These actions will help more California woman not only participate in the economic recovery but also in building our economic future.”

The half-­dozen bills include a measure by Sen. Holly Mitchell (D - ­Los Angeles) that would repeal a rule for the state’s CalWORKS system that prohibits additional aid for a child born into a family already receiving assistance from the welfare system.

Mitchell said the rule is a misguided attempt to discourage out-­of-­wedlock births and has not had an effect on that issue but has forced growing families to share welfare benefits among more family members, putting them deeper in poverty.

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